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Online Classes

During this difficult time, its is important that everyone stays home to avoid the spread of the corona virus.

So, for the time being we will try to conduct classes online via YouTube. 

To take part you will need a tv/laptop on which you can watch youtube and is visible from somewhere with some space that you can practice in. We will try to take into account that people have limited space in the videos

Classes are free, but donations can be made through PayPal if you wish. All participants take part at their own risk.

If you would like to take part please contact us via:

Online Class Timetable

Videos will go live at these times, so could do them 'as live' but they will remain online all week until they are replaced with a new one. Feel free to rewatch as many times as you like during that week.

Monday 7pm - Pilates (Physio Led)

Taught by Laura

Tuesday 10am - Qi Gong (Tai Chi)

Taught by Ben Olding