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Here is a list of regular classes on at Dojo Sports, for more details about what the classes entail, please take a look at the classes page. To keep an eye out for occasional one off classes and seminars, please follow out facebook page


Judo - Junior 11:00 Book Now


No classes sheduled on Sundays


Vinyasa Flow Yoga (suitable for all abilities) - Adult (16+) 9:30 Book Now
Physio led Pilates (suitable for all abilities) - Adult (16+) 19:00 Book Now
Physio led Pilates (all abilities) - Adult (16+) 20:00 Book Now
Kung Fu (Classic Tiger Style) - Adult (18+) 20:00 Book Now


Yoga & Mindfulness (suitable for beginners) - Adult (16+) 18:30 Book Now
Latino Dance (suitable for all abilities) - Adult (16+) 19:30 Book Now


Judo - Junior Age 5+ 18:00 Book Now
Judo - Adult (16+) 20:00 Book Now


Physio Led Chair Pilates (class 30 min coffee 30 min (suitable for the less mobile) - Adult (60 plus) 14:15 Book Now


Physio led Matwork Pilates - Adult (16+) 10:00 Book Now
Qi Gong (Tai Chi) - Adult (16+) 11:00 Book Now